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Thursday, April 12, 2007

AAG Virtual Globes Session Details

Paper Session:

4510 Virtual Globes: GIS for the Masses?
is scheduled on Friday, 4/20/07, from 4:00 PM - 5:40 PM

Room: Franciscan A, SF Hilton

Cartography Specialty Group
Geographic Information Science and Systems Specialty Group

Josh Bader - UCSB Geography
J. Alan Glennon - UCSB Geography

Josh Bader - UCSB Geography

4:00 PM Defining a Digital Earth System
Author(s): *Karl Grossner - UC Santa Barbara
Michael F. Goodchild - UC Santa Barbara
Keith C. Clarke - UC Santa Barbara

4:20 PM Discussant: Gregory A. Elmes - West Virginia University

4:40 PM Sharing Project Data Using Google Earth: Doing GIS Without Learning GIS
Author(s): *Meg Stewart - Vassar College
Mary Ann Cunningham - Vassar College
Kirsten Menking - Vassar College
Ken Bolton - Vassar College

5:00 PM A New Cartographic Research Agenda for Virtual Globes
Author(s): *Ming-Hsiang (Ming) Tsou - San Diego State University

5:20 PM Discussant: Michael F. Goodchild - University of California - Santa Barbara

Spatial Technology Gallery

Spatial Technology Gallery:
a special event at the 2007 Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting

Wednesday, April 18, 2007, 7:00pm-9:00pm,

Conference Room Yosemite B, Hilton San Francisco, located at 333
O'Farrell Street San Francisco, CA 94102

On Wednesday evening, a select group of researchers from academia, government labs, and industry have been invited to demonstrate their latest, cutting-edge spatially-enabled technologies. The format will be simultaneous demos--a mix of science fair, test drive, and show-and-tell. This organic event will provide an opportunity to examine and discuss the technology and incubating ideas that will be impacting in coming weeks, months, and years, with the pioneering minds that are making them. We anticipate topics spanning virtual globes, augmented reality, open source mapping projects, internet GIS, environmental simulation and prediction, map mashups, and mobile spatial data collection.

This "after hours" event is open to anyone interested in spatial technology, so you will not need to register for the AAG meeting to attend. If you want to participate in any other aspects of the AAG meeting, however, you would need to register and pay like normal.

--NASA World Wind
--Urban Mapping LLC
--CASA University College London
--Center for Fire Research and Outreach (Berkeley)
--UCSB Center for Nanotechnology in Society and UCSB Geography
--Dave Lemberg (Western Michigan)
--Jesse Rouse and Sue Bergeron (WVU/Very Spatial)
--Johannes Schoening (Muenster)
--Brian Tomaszewski (Penn State)
--Dawn Wright and Andre Skupin (Place and Spaces Project)
--Chuanrong Zhang (Kent State)

Alan Glennon and Mike Goodchild
University of California, Santa Barbara