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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

wrapping up AAG2006 organizing

I plan to complete the participant roster for all the AAG2006 virtual globes activities this week. There will be a paper session, a panel, an ESRI-sponsored reception, and a special interest group meeting. The paper session is completely set. The panel is 99% done. I have two good demonstrations scheduled for the special interest group meeting, but can fit in another. Contact me if you have something to demonstrate or discuss. Participants include representatives from EarthSLOT, ESRI, Microsoft MapPoint, NASA World Wind, and various universities. Haven't heard from Google/Keyhole, but I cordially invite their team to participate. glennon at gmail ~Alan Glennon

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

new Earthbrowser version

The guys at Lunar Software just released a new version of Earthbrowser (v2.8). The Apple-centric will be pleased by the following system requirements, either MacOS X 10.1 or Windows 2K/XP. In fact, Earthbrowser was originally created for MacOS, and it's still one of the few Apple friendly virtual globes out there.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Listing of Virtual Globes

* CitySurf Globe (still under developing )
* Nintendo Wii Weather Channel (December 2006)
* Microsoft VE (November 2006)
* Dapple Earth Explorer (July 2006)
* Wayfinder Earth (beta, 2006)
* 3D Weather Globe & Atlas by Software MacKiev (2005)
* ESRI ArcGIS Explorer (2005)
* Volvo Ocean Race Virtual Spectator (2005)
* Erdas Imagine Virtual GIS (2005)
* Google Earth (2005)
* Global-i (~2005)
* Punt (2005)
* Ping 3map (2005)
* EarthSLOT (2004)
* osgPlanet (2004)
* ESRI ArcGlobe (2003)
* NASA World Wind (2003)
* Eingana (2000 to ~2003)
* Keyhole Earthviewer (June 2001/now Google Earth)
* SINTEF Virtual Globe (2001/now Norkart Virtual Globe since 2006)
* Celestia (2001)
* Skyline Software TerraSuite (~2001)
* GeoFusion GeoPlayer (company formed 2001)
* SRI Terravision (2000)
* Lunar Software Earthbrowser (1998)
* Microsoft MapPoint Virtual Globe (1998 now Windows Live Local)
* Planet 9's VirtualEarth (1995)
* Mark Pesce's WebEarth (1995)
* Deutche Telekom's T-Vision (1995) (shown at Siggraph in August, not web based)
* Blue Marble's Talking Globe CD (2D)(1994)
* Hipparchus (~1992
* GeoVirtual GeoShow3D
* Viewtec TerrainView
* Gaia
* Virtual Spectator
* Talent Cruiser
* Virtual Terrain Project
* Earthsim
* GeoVirtual

Thursday, November 10, 2005

AAG2006 Activities

Here's the plan for AAG2006 in Chicago. We will have a paper session, an industry panel, and a two-hour special interest group meeting. The AAG is working to organize a sponsored reception following the panel too. The agenda of the interest group meeting is much more flexible than the papers or panel. Please contact Alan Glennon (glennon at if you would like time to demonstrate, provide a technical talk, provide an update of your group's research activities, or have items that would be appropriate for the two-hour interest group.

We'll post the schedule for these activities as soon as we know them.