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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rumor mill and thanks

AGI might adopt NASA World Wind as its visualization engine.


Also, referring to my previous entry about conferences, I'd like
to express my appreciation to the people that fed me, housed me,
and invited me to hang out with "the cool kids" over the last week.
These include:

Declan Butler
and Nature (for Sci Foo)
Chris DiBona and Google (for Sci Foo)
Tim O'Reilly and O' Reilly Publishing (for Sci Foo)
UCSB Geography and ESRI (for ESRI conference assistance)
Google Earth Team (for the geoblogger round up at the ESRI UC)
GeoMullah (for the geoblogger round up at the ESRI UC)

There were other important organizers of the Sci Foo conference that I did not meet. They worked hard and deserve credit, but I don't know all their names.

[Update: How could I forget one of Sci Foo's main organizers --> Timo Hannay of Nature!]