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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Globes conference summary and announcement

A few weeks ago, Matt Nolan hosted a Virtual Globes Conference in Boulder, Colorado. Here is the link to Matt's summary, as well as a synopsis from participant Ron Schott.

Matt Nolan also sent me an email regarding several sessions on virtual globes at the December 11-15, 2006, American Geophysical Union meeting in San Francisco:

The Use of Internet-Based Virtual Globes in the Earth Sciences (Education Session);
Conveners: Nolan, Bailey

Geoscience Applications in Virtual Globes (Informatics Session); Conveners: Bailey, Dehn, Blair

The goals of these sessions include:

- Bringing together earth scientists, educators, and related individuals who are currently using or planning to use VGs in support of their work, to exchange ideas and insight. We are particularly interested in uses of VGs as natural hazards monitoring/mitigation tools, and for environmental concerns.

- The introduction of Virtual Globes to earth scientists unfamiliar with their abilities and demonstrate possible applications.

- Establishing links between users and developers of VGs to promote integration of the needs of the Earth Science community into these programs.

All presentations in the Informatics section will be given in using a novel form of poster presentation. These will take place in the poster display area, but AGU has agreed to set up a special area for our session, where presenters will be able to post a full-sized poster AND use a video projector to display their work on an adjacent 3'x4' space. High-speed internet and video projectors will be provided. The Educational session is expected to be a mixture of standard length talks and poster demonstrations in this same special poster venue. Note that we are not yet guaranteed an oral session and that AGU's conference guidelines allow for two first-author presentations as standard non-invited submissions if one is within an educational session.

Please contact any of the following with questions regarding Virtual Globes at AGU:

John Bailey, jbailey(at)arsc(dot)edu
Matt Nolan, matt.nolan(at)uaf(dot)edu
Jon Dehn, jdehn(at)gi(dot)alaska(dot)edu
Luke Blair, lblair(at)usgs(dot)gov