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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NASA World Wind 1.3.4 beta

New builds of NASA World Wind 1.3.4 are being released every few days. Unlike the commercial software world, the ongoing releases of NASA World Wind 1.3.4 really are beta. As such, I would not recommend installing the beta unless you are a developer.

World Wind developer Randy Kim demonstrated today's build (5Apr06) in Santa Barbara, and it seemed pretty stable. I'm running beta 2, which is several days old, and it has performed normally. The 1.3.4. updates are discussed in an earlier post. I do not think it is on their formal list, but NASA also added a line/arc measuring tool.

Visit the discussion at the World Wind forum for information (and downloads):

Issues and bugs for 1.3.4 are being tracked at:

The Mars THEMIS imagery used by World Wind 1.3.4 is stunning. No reason to wait for Google.

On a different note...

Google Earth API:
The blog Let's Push Things Forward has a few notes and links concerning programmatically accessing Google Earth.