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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nature weekly: "Mapping for the Masses"

The weekly version of Nature has several articles about virtual globes in its 15 February 2006 edition. The cover shot is of Google Earth with the byline, "Mapping for the Masses". The articles, most authored by Declan Butler, discuss how virtual globes are being used by scientists in various disciplines, how they work, translating the technology into tools for mapping the universe, and using the technology for mapping disaster areas.

Several of the articles are viewable for free online. Also, Butler is interviewed about the articles for the week's Nature podcast.

I would recommend visiting Declan Butler's blog. There's likely to be a great deal of discussion on related matters on his site.

Though I haven't completed a detailed reading of the articles, I know that Dr. Mike Goodchild from here at UCSB was interviewed. Happily, I was consulted too, but mostly just to clarify items discussed by Dr. Goodchild. Virtual globes mentioned: Google Earth, NASA World Wind, ArcGIS Explorer, Skyline Terra, and Celestia.