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Thursday, February 09, 2006

NASA World Wind expected updates

Everyone else has read the NASA World Wind blog and knows this already. However, if you haven't, in a January 18th posting, Chris Maxwell, one of the World Wind developers, says that they are committed to releasing their next update (v.1.3.4) in mid-to-late-February. Among the updates, they plan functionality for refreshable xml data. In the same post, he says v1.5 will be a huge leap forward and can be expected in late spring or summer.

Tom Gaskins of the NASA World Wind team will be at the March 9 AAG panel on virtual globes. We're arranging a time that evening for technical demonstrations by NASA World Wind and EarthSLOT. It's one month away! The AAG site only has a partial listing of the virtual globes goings-on, so I'll post a complete schedule within days.