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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Holographic display

Intrepid Defense and Security Systems of Birmingham, Michigan, has developed a display that shows volumetric 3D images in free space. The display produces something akin to a full-color hologram without requiring users to wear glasses. Unfortunately, their webpage does not include any photographs or video of the unit in use. The rack-mountable rectangular unit looks somewhat similar to a medium-sized television. Screen size is ~50 cm (20 inches) diagonal.

I came across their press release while searching for information on Sunday's Superbowl. The display will be used for security during the game.

The company enumerates several spatially-centric potential applications for the product, including, "revealing details of ground images from satellites..", "lifelike flight-training simulation..", "making education exciting..", "space exploration..", and "underwater surveillance, threat assessment, exploration and recovery."