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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Microsoft acquiring Vexcel

Tracking down an acquisition rumor (see last sentence of earlier post), I called Vexcel. On March 16 (noon Pacific), the operator answered, "Microsoft Corporation". I told the operator I was trying to reach Vexcel, and she confirmed that I had dialed the correct number. The operator forwarded me to marketing, but I was greeted with a "mailbox full" message. It's not 100% confirmation, but it certainly begins to substantiate the rumor. [updated: acquisition in progress confirmed by Microsoft, see latest post]

So, what does Vexcel offer Microsoft? Vexcel provides hardware, software, and services related to aerial and satellite imagery--particularly photogrammetry. With Vexcel, Microsoft has additional expertise and capabilities in extracting information, and creating data, from Microsoft/GeoEye's large catalog of overhead imagery.