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Saturday, December 03, 2005

literature review

There is a growing need to compile the scientific literature regarding virtual globes. As I work on it, I'll share what I find. Also, I hope readers of this will do the same. My background is geography, so I'm sure my list will be biased toward that. Anyone care to share suggestions on related computer science literature?

Anyway, I ran into Waldo Tobler in the hall yesterday, and he mentioned a couple of things he'd done. To start:

Tobler (2002), Global Spatial Analysis
Tobler (2001), Spherical Measures without Spherical Trigonometry

...also, the Ping group has a survey of globes...
Thorne (2003), Earth's Avatar: the web augmented virtual earth

...and the NCGIA has a bibliography on geobrowsers.

...and the Discrete Global Grids book...